Hi I'm Shashank. I code to make a difference. I study at UCLA. Aspiring Software Engineer.

Software Engineering Intern, Nordstrom

Summer 2016

During the internship, I redesigned and improved the scalability of a RESTful API used by the website using the Spring MVC framework in Java. I also added additional features in the caching mechanism used by the website. I worked with Swagger to generate API documentation and also worked on a logging workflow.

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Software Engineer, Part-Time, National Institutes of Health (BD2K)

October 2015 to Present

This past year I have designed and implemented the front-end interface of tool-display and resource registration features for a search engine for biomedical tools, using AngularJS and Bootstrap. I have also collaborated with another engineer to design a tool to parse academic papers and display relevant information. I introduced and trial ran agile practices and workflows which were later adopted by the management for other projects. I have also worked with NOSQL databases like MongoDB, deployed websites using AWS (EC2/Elastic Beanstalk) and devoured the free snacks they provide.

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