Hi I'm Shashank. I code to make a difference. I study at UCLA. Aspiring Software Engineer.


Welcome to my corner on the web

I'm a college student who is stumbling on new ideas and slowly realising that there might be hope for him after all. I'm a big fan of listening to people's stories. I am a coder with a dream of working on products that deeply affect one aspect of people's lives. I want those people to be all around the world, of different kinds and of different ideas. I believe strongly in the power of technology to transcend barriers, be it natural barriers or those that were created by humans ourself. My mission in life is to use code to create those products that bring down those barriers and bring us closer as a human race.

Everyday I work on making someone feel better about themself. This is how I judge my success, by making sure I have helped touch at least one more person's life by the end of today, be it through technology or otherwise. I think the reason behind this is the way I grew up. I was born in a small house in a small town in India. By the time I was sixteen, however, I had been to thirteen schools and lived in five cities across two countries. Los Angeles is currently my seventh city and the US my third country. As I explored more cultures and met more people I realized that my pre-conceived notions started to melt away and I began seeing people for who they were rather than what they were. This is what I want to enable everyone to be able to do.

At this stage of my life, while I continue learning new technologies and writing more code, I crave to have mentors who have been in the technology industry and can guide my way forward in a more focused way. I want to explore how hundreds of people pool their skills together to not only create a piece of technology like the iPhone, which makes people nervous the minute it is out of their sight, but also how they manage to create that space for their product in people’s minds.

If you have read so far, you might as well send me an email. Maybe someday, with some decades of work, my personal assistant's business manager would read your email and prioritize it but for now that I have a grand total of three emails in my inbox the only way I'd miss yours is if my ramen chooses to spill on my self-soldered, four year old mac. Even then I guess millenials like me have decided to dedicate half our lives to our phones.

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